About us

It could have been an episode of the Dutch television program about couples who go abroad "Ik Vertrek", our adventure in Greece. Where the beginning of January 2019 started with a possible purchase of a monumental windmill in Zeeland, ended via some islands on the Greek mainland, the Peloponnese, in a former farmhouse from 1926. With a beautiful view of the bay of Porto Heli, a village with two thousand inhabitants, we laid the foundation for our Villa Epikouros in the nearby hills. Named after the philosopher, who spent his life searching for the better enjoyment of getting into a state he called Ataraxia: the "undisturbed state of the soul," which can only be achieved through "sober thinking." For us this is the starting point for ourselves and our guests, but in a modern way.

Garden of Epikouros

Epikouros found friendship very important in life. He liked to invite people to his garden in Athens, where he met with many friends. Themes such as austerity, self-reliance, justice and friendship were paramount in this garden. Villa Epikouros has a garden of 2600 square meters with plenty of places to talk undisturbed about the things that matter in life, if possible under (business) guidance from Martin. Enjoy the peace, the Greek climate and mentality, the food, nature, in short, everything is there to make a stay in the Dutch Suite of our villa a memorable moment. Whether you do this business as a business retreat or private to really get away from it all. Petra focuses on designing and decorating this former farm, showing her talent as an interior designer, giving the Dutch Suite her signature. Martin is mainly concerned with his love for Mediterranean cuisine and writing.

We hope to meet you soon!

Petra Postmus & Martin van Leeuwen


Personal Guest-app

You will receive three days after your booking a personal link containing all kinds of information about the weather, your booking, the surroundings and what you can do there. We can even compile a complete program for you at your request, with elements such as nature, culture, water sports and culinary.


Villa Epikouros' house rules ensure that both tenant and landlord get maximum enjoyment and pleasure from their stay. The matters below are important enough to take a moment to read. By paying the rent, you declare that you agree with the house rules and general conditions below.

The Dutch Suite at Villa Epikouros is available for rental from 1 April to 1 November. The minimum rental period is three nights, both in high and low season. You can check in from 14:00 and check out until 11:00. In consultation, we can arrange other arrival and departure times. Villa Epikouros is non-smoking. Outside - in the garden or on the terraces - you can smoke.


The rent includes the use of water and electricity. Villa Epikouros does not have a water supply, but a water tank. We therefore ask you to use water sparingly. The same applies to the use of electricity (especially air conditioning and boiler). The Dutch Suite is equipped as much as possible with sustainable applications, such as LED lighting and energy-efficient equipment. This is how we work together on a sustainable environment.

Hotel service

If you stay longer than three nights, we will change the bed linen and do an extra cleaning round. Extra bath and beach sheets are available for use in the (bathroom) cupboard, as well as toilet paper and care products. If you have a question or complaint, please report it directly to host Martin van Leeuwen, at (+316) 2413 0803. He will do his utmost to resolve it as soon as possible.