Terms of Use

Reservation and liability

Reservation is the preliminary stage of booking. You indicate via this site (or another platform) that you want to reserve the Dutch Suite, but you have only actually booked when the down payment of the rent has been received on GR41 0140 5390 0231 0003 487. You pay the remaining amount no later than six weeks before your booking. If you book within a period of six weeks, you pay the full rent immediately, with the receipt date of the amount as the booking date.

By paying the rent you declare that you agree with the house rules and the general terms and conditions. When you have made the first deposit, your booking is final. You can then no longer cancel. You also remain responsible to pay the full rent. We therefore advise you to take out cancellation insurance in addition to a suitable travel insurance.

Tenant liability

Of course you inhabit the apartment in a neat manner. But during your rental period you are liable for all damage or loss to the suite, plot, inventory and / or furniture. That is why it is smart to see if you have taken out liability insurance. Always indicate if something is broken or lost. Together we will see how we can best solve that deer.

Landlord liability

The landlord is not liable for:

  • Any disturbance, change or prevention of the tenant's stay if this is the result of unforeseen and / or insurmountable events;
  • Discomforts caused by the work of third parties such as municipality, province and government institutions;
  • Tenant's injury due to the stay in the suite or plot;
  • Loss, theft and damage of / to the tenant's personal property or vehicles;
  • Interruption of utilities (water, wifi and electricity).